Search Ads.

Search ads are an important form of digital marketing.

They appear on numerous search engines and are established to promote anything a business offers or wants to promote to their desired targeted audience. These ads are distinct and labeled as “sponsored” or “ad” to separate them from any results that occurred by searching organically. 

What we offer.

Running search ads is a valuable element of your Marketing strategy.

They are fundamental in reaching your business goals by targeting users that are your desired audience, driving more traffic to your website, and delivering almost immediate results. For a search ad to be effective, it must attract the attention of users who are in the process of searching for something related to what the ad is offering. By focusing on users that are interested in your product or service, your traffic is of a higher quality and is more likely to result in potential conversions for your business. 

How to run a successful search ad campaign.

Search campaigns require several components to reach key business objectives.

First, marketers research the keywords that customers are entering on search engines to find products or services. This keyword research may include investigating industry trends, finding audience insights, and analyzing a brand’s website and properties.

Once an advertiser selects keywords, they build the advertisements to appear in search results. Images, text, and other elements are combined to form enticing ads which are displayed across Google properties.

After being displayed to users, marketers monitor the ad's performance and make weekly optimizations to reach key targets.

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click, also known as PPC, is a digital advertising model where a fee is paid each time an ad is clicked.

These ads can be images, videos, text, or a combination, and appear on social media platforms, search engines, general websites and more. When utilizing this model, you are essentially paying for visits to your website from your targeted audience. If that click turns to a conversion, PPC has worked correctly resulting in a bigger profit than the original cost of the click. 

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    Google Ads.

    Google Ads allows businesses to create and display ads on Google's search engine results pages, websites, mobile apps, and other platforms within the Google Network. Advertisers bid on specific keywords relevant to their products or services in order to have their ads shown to users who are actively searching those keywords or browsing websites related to their offerings.

    Why are they important?

    When it comes to advertising, it is important that your products or services reach the right people at the right time. Google Ads presents your business to people that could be potential customers; therefore reaching your target audience, increasing website traffic, and fundamentally boosting sales. Since Google Ads is a Pay-Per- Click search engine, meaning our business only pays when your ad is clicked, it is a cost-effective way to push your business out to the world. 

    Bing Ads.

    Bing Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Microsoft that allows businesses to create and display ads on the Bing search engine results pages, as well as on Yahoo and AOL search engines. Similar to Google Ads, advertisers bid on specific keywords relevant to their products or services to have their ads shown to users who are searching those keywords or browsing related websites. 

    Why are they important?

    Like Google Ads, Bing Ads operates on a pay-per-click model, where advertisers are charged when someone clicks on their ad. Bing Ads provides an alternative advertising channel that reaches a diverse user base. These ads can complement Google Ads campaigns to expand an advertiser's reach across different search engines.

    Apple Ads.

    Apple Ads are paid advertisements that are promoted within the Apple App Store. Your business’ promotional content will be visible to a targeted audience of iOS users. As your campaign progresses, your app’s discoverability will be improved, therefore enhancing your brand awareness and recognition. By showcasing your app to the most relevant users, the probability of downloads and engagement is increased. By utilizing this powerful tool, you  ultimately establish greater success and growth for your app. 

    Amazon Ads.

    Amazon Ads are advertising campaigns with promotional content that run on the Amazon platform. Across the globe, Amazon is one of the largest and most popular online marketplaces. By advertising on Amazon, you are reaching a vast customer base that is highly engaged and already has a mindset to buy.

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