Audio Broadcast Ads.

Audio broadcast advertising is the distribution of audio ads across platforms, such as radio stations that send audio content from a single source to multiple listeners in real time.

This form of advertising is done on a predetermined schedule. Brands purchase scheduled ad slots that are heard by listeners based on that predetermined schedule. Audio broadcasts reach a large and diverse audience with more than 80% of Americans over the age of 12 listening to radio in a given week. Radio also has the potential to reach hyper-local audiences as a station may cover a relatively small geographic area. Additionally, broadcast advertising can provide reach and brand awareness metrics that allow advertisers to optimize their campaigns for greater ROI. 

Audio broadcasting ads are important for your business in multiple ways.

They allow for mass communication, due to the large number of station listeners at one time, and audio broadcasting ads allow for mass communication. These ads connect many regions and cultures together, making it a very powerful tool. These ads are very accessible, due to the fact they don’t require internet or access to TV; these ads can be heard on the go through radio and cellphones. Audio content helps to create a more personal connection with the listener. When hearing someone’s voice, emotions are evoked in the listener, making it a compelling form of advertising. 

What is the difference between streaming and broadcast ads?

Broadcast ads are purchased for set times on the radio or traditional television, which means that it is heard/seen during the time and date contracted. The only way a user can see it again is if they recorded it when it was airing

Streaming ads can be seen by the user whenever they decide to listen or watch the episode on whichever streaming service is being used. While both broadcast and streaming ads can be very effective, these important factors need to be considered when planning for each.

(For example, if the message is time-sensitive, broadcast ads might be best. If it is a more evergreen message, a streaming ad would result in more overall listeners/viewers.)

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