Media Buying and Planning.

Media Buying.

While we can manage a lot of our work in-house, there are many benefits to working with other publishers as well; digital and traditional alike.

Using the media plan we create for you, our Media Buying/Planning team begins securing placements with third-party publishers who can help get your messages out to the right audience (trade journals, magazines, radio stations, audio, and video streaming services, etc.). We coordinate with the publishers to hand off creative assets and ensure an on-time launch for your campaign.

Why is media buying so important for your business?

Our Media Buying/Planning team has many years of experience and even more connections in the advertising industry.

We are able to negotiate the best deals with our many different partners to ensure you are spending your advertising dollars wisely and taking advantage of every available opportunity.

Media Mix.

Your media mix is everything that makes up your media plan. It is a combination of different marketing channels — both digital and traditional — you use to get your products and services in front of your target audience.

There are infinite possibilities for how to build your marketing strategy. You may decide to go all digital: text, display, and social ads. You may decide to go all traditional: radio broadcasting, TV commercials, and print magazines. Or maybe you choose a combination of digital and print media to get your point across — audio streaming, trade journals, and sponsored posts.

Finding the right mix of media strategies for your brand will take time and testing. But where do you start? First, identify your situation and your goals; your budget, timing, customer base, and general messaging. These are all crucial factors in determining which strategies you will ultimately choose.

For example, advertising a children’s toy for the holiday season will have a very different budget, timeline, and media mix than a newly-developed retirement community hosting an open house weekend. An up-and-coming restaurant looking to attract a younger crowd would not have success using the same strategy as a pharmaceutical company raising awareness about a rare disease.

When you work with Engage, we remove the guesswork about which strategies will work best for your company. With our research, tools, and connections, we are able to create a strong media mix to not only effectively reach, but engage your audience and exceed your goals.

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    Media Planning.

    Your media plan is the meat and potatoes of our work together.

    Our Sales, Client Success, and Media Buying/Planning teams will define your budget, timeline, and goals and build a respective plan around them using a myriad of different strategies and partners. Each plan is tailored specifically to your company and goals.

    Once your plan is drafted on our end, we will propose our recommendations and collaborate until we reach an agreement on where, when, and how the chosen media will run.

    Why is media planning so important for your business?

    Just as you would handle this process internally, you deserve to know exactly what is running, where it’s running, and what results to expect.

    Our process keeps you aware of everything that will happen from start to finish without you having to worry about the smaller details. While we handle the setup and management of your campaign, you can focus on the bigger picture: running and managing your company.

    We are your go-to source for all digital and traditional media.

    We make sense of all of this...