OOH Advertising.

OOH or Out-of-Home advertising is a form of advertising that is designed to reach consumers when they are out and about.

They can typically be found in public places such as transit systems, retail stores, or around your local city. OOH advertising can include a variety of different tactics. For example, billboards; bus and taxi wraps; transit shelters; digital displays; inflatables; and other forms of experiential advertising all are considered OOH advertising!

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Out-of-Home advertising is so important because it creates brand awareness while reaching a wide variety of people all within a quick span of time.

This eventually leads to the creation of more leads and sales. Additionally, the creation of an OOH revolves around its visibility. Because of this, and the fact that customers will see the advertisement every day, OOH ads become memorable and create a distinct image for your brand and its message. OOH ads can target specific audiences, allowing clients to reach their desired target audience quickly and efficiently.

Digital vs Static OOH Advertising.

Static billboards allow advertisers to display a single advertisement on a fixed, non-moving display. These displays are featured in high-traffic areas such as highways, streets, or prominent locations in cities. Advertisers select a display location, then pay for creative production and installation. Several benefits include long-term presence, consistent messaging, and a lack of distraction from other marketing messages. However, static billboards are more expensive and it can be difficult to install and update images. Static ads also risk viewer fatigue and outdated content as brands are unable to continuously optimize their content.

Digital billboards display ads on large LED screens, displayed in busy areas. Advertisers typically purchase a four-week campaign with 8-second ad slots where they place animated visual content. Since digital billboards are controlled remotely, advertisers can seamlessly switch between multiple variations of ads, adjust content to trends, and add interactive features. Additionally, marketers can collect data on viewership to update and optimize their campaigns. However, dynamic billboards are often more costly than static images and brands must share display time with other ads.

Digital and static billboards both present several advantages and disadvantages for advertisers. By adding an OOH display to its strategy, a brand can boost awareness, consideration, and action. Advertisers should determine which platform(s) will help them accomplish their business objectives, reach their target audience, and best serve their content creation capabilities. 

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    Billboards use their large size, visibility, and location to create brand awareness and recognition for consumers that cross their path! They create powerful visual messages that can help build brand loyalty and increase sales. Billboards stay in the same location for an extended period of time which also allows businesses to reach new potential customers daily. 

    Why are they important?

    Because of their high visibility, billboards can be used to target specific areas or demographics. They help businesses focus their messaging and grab the target audience’s attention.

    Bus Shelters.

    Bus shelters captivate potential customers who are waiting for a ride, driving in their car, or walking down a street. They are typically found in areas with a lot of foot traffic. Wherever you may see a bus stop, you can see this advertisement!

    Why are they important?

    Businesses can reach a wide range of potential customers who are interested in their product or service, by displaying their brand on bus shelters. Bus shelters are the perfect opportunity for businesses to get the word out about their products and services to drive more sales.


    Newsstands are usually located in buzzing areas in a city or town center where people are most likely to see the company's advertisements. Some key places for newsstands can include airports, train stations, or retail stores! At a newsstand, you can find advertisements for new products, coupons, or just simply a business building brand awareness. Many newsstands feature digital advertising screens. These help businesses show off their products or services in a fun and interactive way! 

    Why are they important?

    Newsstands are important for local marketing and especially for smaller businesses. Whether it be distributing flyers, newspapers, or brochures, companies can promote events, discounts, or other offers to residents in the area.

    Transit and 2 Sheets.

    Whether it be on buses, subways, train stations, or other public transportation, you will be able to find transit advertising. This type of advertising has a high visibility rate because it can reach a huge number of people every day.

    2 sheets are large billboards that are typically placed in high-traffic areas, as well. They are useful for businesses that want to reach a wide audience in a specific geographic area. 

    Why are they important?

    Transit and 2 Sheets help businesses advertise successfully by reaching a wide variety of people, both going and coming from places all around the world! Both methods are cost-effective and can be used to create a significant impression on potential customers.

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